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My day was actually pretty decent until I logged into my IJ account and saw a bunch of shit that's irritated me. The nice thing is that it's not related to 'real life' at all. Well and then darkelfgrl posted a picspam and made me feel better.

Last night the concert did not have Sara Bareilles, which was a little disappointing. However, Maroon 5 was on before Counting Crows, which meant we could bail early. I figure people on my flist don't like/don't care about Maroon 5 but hell, I like them and I like most of their songs and I had a great time. Despite my reading a study that's due for class today, I really had a great time with scorpion_gem and b_alive.

Now I feel a bit better. I've got to leave for class in half an hour, and then hopefully dinner with two of my classmates and back in time for the first episode of Supernatural and the last episode of Burn Notice. I miss home occasionally.

Hope you lot are having a good week. Tomorrow's Friday!