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IF I DO NOT HAVE A VALID MAILING ADDRESS FOR YOU, GIMME. you don't have to, of course, and it's really early, I know, but I am Christmas/winter holiday person and I like sending out cards. best email to reach me at is misskittenpants@gmail.com.

I am trying to drink less soda. I love soda. probably too much. we only have diet at the house. but even that's still soda. this will not be easy.

ALSO. good luck to those doing NaNoWriMo. I know I can't do it. you all are great writers, so I'll bet your stuff'll be grand.

Oct. 17th, 2007

Generally speaking, I don't have an opinion on Ellen. She's okay. I don't watch daytime television. But this whole debate with the dog? Bad form. Bad fucking form. It's called a contract. If you don't feel like following it, tough cookies, you got smacked by the system. Don't go on live telelvision just because you lost because you weren't paying attention. Now that organization is shut down and the co-founders are getting death threats. Great job, Ellen. It's unfortunate that this good organization and the dogs and families they work to help are screwed because you didn't bother to read before signing or felt like your deed of goodness was above the contract/law. To be fair, I don't know what reason she gives for not following the contract, but now she's sobbing on television and saying 'DON'T THEY HAVE A HEART' or some shite like that and really, I have no sympathy. I love animals. I fully support people get animals for their families. But not that way.

By the way, I'm pretty sure all of this from me is because a.) my mother made me like judge shows, and those are like, ALL ABOUT broken contracts and such, and b.) working in a law office.
So my mother is in Los Angeles at a principal's conference, and she actually cut classes to go to Disneyland. I'm so proud.
I give major props to Al Gore. This is late and everything, but there we are. I think he's written a book or two. I should probably read it.

I feel like Pat Buchanan and I will never be bff. *tear*

It's rather sad that I have like, a television schedule all made up for myself. I've never really watched this much television before, much less on a regular basis. I'm also not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I'm thinking bad, but hey, I should be more positive.

It'll start to rain more soon, which I'm actually quite pleased about. I love rain. I feel bad when I do because, you know, most people don't like trucking through the rain. Maybe it's because I'm like WOO I DON'T HAVE TO DO PARKING LOT DUTY IN THE WIND AND RAIN AT NIGHT. Except those poor kids who do. Builds character.

So far two jobs is okay. Not really draining, so I can't complain. Well sometimes I do, but it's half-hearted at worst. Can't hurt that there's a Peet's just downstairs and a Starbucks on the opposite corner of job #2.

Anyway. I've not used this much. SHOCKER. Hope you're all well.
I tend to think behaviorism has a bad connotation. At least I used to, but that was mostly because it came before the introduction of cognition, and cognition tends to be the way people would rather view themselves. You know, that there's actually something resembling a thought process going on up there.

Which is why psych majors generally have to or are at least recommended to take a behaviorism course to learn of current theories, like the ones that involve behaviorism and cognition.

Dr. Bell gets the last laugh. I never expected I'd ever get published. And, in the unlikely case that I did, I never thought I'd get published in a behavioral journal, especially when our experiment started out as organizational. I never took organizational, so I didn't really understand it and didn't get that behaviorism could be part of it. Until now, of course. Well, I suppose I kind of got it at the conference, but it didn't click.

Has now. Yes I'm babbling. iDC. I'm just stunned. And there we are.

Hope all's well with you.
I think I've eaten the amount of grain in a day that you're supposed to have in three. No grain for two more days. That'll be easy, if I can avoid my aunt's house.

I cleaned out my old email so I can start using it again. I want to keep using it, but the name is sooo long and I don't want to have to make a third gmail. I guess I should anyway.

And our article is finally getting published this summer! I am tres excited. Third author. That should give me motivation to really do something.
I have had a surprisingly eventful day. And it's only 1:34 PM.

It definitely shows that it's been awhile since I've talked to people. Well okay, not really. That I've talked to... hmm. People other than the ones I talk to every day. There. I mean, sort of obvious. But whenever I run into someone I've not seen in six weeks or six months or six years, and they ask how I've been and what I've been up to, my answer is always the same: "not much." And I was just thinking about that, because really, that's not true, especially in the last case. Six years. I've done a lot in six years.

So, I've two weeks to figure out what I've been doing in the past six years. I'll get it down.

I have like 15 Firefox tabs open. Firefox is going to cut me.

But yes. Strange day. Good day, though.
Have to say, I've been pretty lucky of late. No complaints. In no fewer than 4.5 instances I've regained a few friendships I'd been really neglecting for quite some time. Yes 4.5. And the best part, really, is that there was minimal awkwardness, which was unexpected but brilliant. Bit of a rare find.

Truth is, I expect, I'd have more than 4.5 if I really put the effort in. In a few cases it would be harder than the 4.5. A lot harder, actually, and with more awkwardness.

Actually I started out saying 2.5 and changed it to 4.5 as I remembered people. I'm just being difficult and not saying 5.

I like this band. I will very much enjoy going to see them.
I got really, really excited when my dad told me "well we have in Demand on this television, don't we?" We do.

My show's not on it. I lose.
So yesterday I went to a funeral. Why am I going to so many damn funerals? I've gone to so many different events of late. I don't remember going to so many things when I was in high school. Though there are reasons for it, really. I mean, all the weddings I'm hearing about, half of them are my friends getting married, and obvi that doesn't happen (much) in high school and not too often in college. Hopefully. Anyroads. And it's just family members getting old. Well Cornelius wasn't a family member. Moving on.

So I'm really not going to bore you with big posts and stuff. Cornelius was a "homeless" man who used to sit in front of my dad's building every day. I made a post when he died and another when there was a place for you to leave comments to him and all. He was a really sweet guy.

Anyway, his funeral was yesterday. My dad helped out a lot, but he's really nice in that he'll take a step back and not try to steal the limelight (aka his brother, my uncle). But everyone knew how much my da had done and came to thank him for it later and he would always answer "there were a lot of people who helped."

But really, for a man who was living in a van, it was just incredible, the ceremony and the turnout. There were at least 80 people there, plus a few police officers and firemen and women. And afterwards they released some doves and there was a small reception. And someone made bookmarks and Cornelius' family was there, and they talked about how he wasn't really homeless. It was kind of like voluntary poverty that started after he'd spent all of his money on his wife's cancer treatment. And see my sentences are just getting more abstract by the moment, so I'll stop there.

Edit: Sorry, did I say 80? I meant 250. I can't count. Anyway, here is the article that made the front page this morning. Center article above the fold. He will definitely be remembered as the San Jose Ambassador.
Dash: 1.5
Annoying yippy dog that tries to claim our front lawn as its own: 0
Kitty from across the street: .5 for getting up tree in our yard.

Gazebo time.

May. 7th, 2007

So I have this weird idea. Bear with me. I figure I should be motivated to post more often. It will encourage me to do more things that way I actually have stuff to post about. It makes sense to me. Shush.

I am currently talking to electricarmada and it makes me really, really happy. Lunch on Wednesday! It has been far too long. I miss you too. Yes you. The one who's reading this. You. If you're around, we should have lunch too.

I really, really need to fix the net. And... my keyboard. Basically I need to fix things. Lots of things.

I'm going to be staying at a mate's house for like two weeks. Just helping out around the house and such while her mum's out. She has two really adorable puppies. But the smell of said puppies, gracious. And her internet is better/worse than mine. At the same time. Amazing, I know. It's possible.

Work was... work. I actually went to the gym afterwards, only for 45 minutes. And wouldn't you know, the minute I walk in, my friend who's a trainer spots me. And thus, my time there was twice as long as I had intended. Which is good, because I like her and she really helped and I miss loving showers as much as I love them after working out. And now my arms hurt.

Fucking hell, Jason. Everyone's getting married.
There are advertisements all over this bloody thing.

So. Hi. Hope you're well. I feel like it's an introduction, which I am generally quite bad at. And even if it isn't a traditional introduction, I throw myself in to dissipate any awkwardness.

ANYWAY. I actually need to nap, as I have work in... three hours. But I wanted to post. And so I have. Whee!

I'm not going to argue in my own defense, because I feel it somewhat pointless. I've seen the posts, except the ones in the game, because I promised I wouldn't. What I did wasn't right. You're right. You're all right, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I hurt you, because it wasn't my intention, and I should have acted more appropriately. I should have thought through my actions, and I didn't, and I was disrespectful. I'm not expecting to be forgiven, and I know that's sinking to the lower bit of your priorities. I took too long to write a leaving post, so here it is, because you will hopefully read this.

I should have given more notice. I should have given notice in general. You guys are some of my best friends, and I acted inappropriately, and you feel that I betrayed you. And I don't know what to say that won't make you think that I'm feeling sorry for myself. I made a huge mistake. No one forced me into it, no one persuaded me. It was something that i did and take complete responsibility for, and I'm sorry for it.

I love you all, and I'm sorry that I hurt you.
I know, it's been forever. Let's hope I'm better at this this time around, hey?

So I've been terrible at staying in contact with people, though for the past few weeks I've had a valid excuse in that I lost my cellphone. So yay I have a cellphone that occasionally works, but boo in that I lost every single solitary number that I had contained therein. So. I need numbers again. I have most of them, I think, but not all.

I really got nothing else. I don't think. Though at the moment I am very aware of karma.

When did LiveJournal start asking for your current location?

So... I can't thank everyone enough for the messages of love and concern and such. I've been entirely too lazy over the past week, so I've got bunches to do this week.

As a side, I'm forcing myself to finish Freakonnomics. I've been reading this book since... late October, when I was still working at the bookstore, and I'm only on page 29. Don't ask me how. I've no idea. I haven't done much reading. Should do more. Have the time.

And for my penpals. I WILL WRITE. Got your postcard, Deana. Thanks so much! Are you back in Texas now or still in Maine?
I am updating for absolutely no reason. Well... not like there's ever a reason, beyond the simple action of updating. Which means there's something that I need to update about. At least, that's what's implied.

Honestly, I'm really kinda scared about my job. I work long fricken hours here, but... I lack motivation most of the time. Which is really entirely on me. Thing is, I dislike going to work in the morning, but I also dislike going home after work and having to deal with ish. I don't like ish. I'm tired of ish. I'm tired of complaining. It's kind of been this way for the past few months, so that's probably the number 1 reason I haven't updated in a long time, and thus it follows that it's also the reason I haven't been keeping up with friends' journals, which is bad.

Here's to a brighter day. And one with less spelling errors.

Oh. I like this icon too. Makes me want to watch the movie.
Love you all so much, and the fact you haven't kicked me makes me happy AND ALSO WHEN THE HELL DID ALL THIS NEW STUFF SHOW UP I HAVE NOT BEEN ON IN SO LONG.

All right.  I'm back, and I'm going to use this again and try to play catch-up with everyone's lives.  I don't know how often I will update, as my life is rather boring and moods have been swinging just a little bit.  But I've missed you all and I will be making the effort.  Just give me a little time *rubs hands together in anticipation*

I'm sorry.

I haven't been around to read up on you. It's not as though I didn't want to. I've been very blah lately. Kinda depressed, I suppose. I'll be better, I promise.


Dec. 26th, 2005

Apologies for not updating or commenting. I feel like I've gotten sucked into a black hole or something. Doing all of nothing. Except baking. I do a bit of baking. Just got an Italian cookbook and a breadmaker. Oh the fun. I can't wait. I feel so lazy. I haven't even read. And I need to respond to all my penpals. I've been horrible at that, I daresay. I've written a little, but nothing to speak of.

So LAZY! So very lazy. And we just watched Supersize Me. I want a carrot.

Oh, just bought The 40-Year-Old-Virgin. So excited. Enjoy what time you have off.
Today needs to end. Like two days ago. Except not two days ago. Really, like after tomorrow, because then I'd be on vacation and doing my work at home. But then I'd have to see my family. Gah, that sucks. But I'm doing to make divinity fudge. Mmm. So... I guess I'll stay where I am.

Dec. 18th, 2005

Ahh, our first good rain. Which means any plans that I had for going out today are gone. I'd rather stay inside and enjoy the sound than make a run for the mall. I know we'll have to walk a few blocks and I'm in no mood to do that today. I'll just bury myself in paperwork and try to translate the 700+ documents I was given on Friday. I also have to make lace cookies today. I was supposed to do that yesterday, but my hands got so sore from all the kneading.

Baking together was helpful, but there were a few moments of awkward silence. Which were usually cut short by sloppy flour kisses and cookie dough snowball fights. I hate to linger on just one little thing, but I can't help it. Just the thought of him not living here anymore... I know we could make it through, it's not like he'd be going that far at all.

Boo to watching Meet Me in St. Louis just at the moment Judy Garland sings "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas". I feel Tooti's pain as she clobbers all her snowmen. And then Tooti and Esther just hold each other crying. There's a way to brighten moods. Mer.
I'm forcing myself to not overreact. I have a tendency to do that.

Leftover Thai food for lunch = love.  Even better is that I didn't have to see the mean lady at Thai Pepper today.  Real kill-joy, that one.

Blah.  SO much work to do.  Considering taking some home.  Seriously.

Not many people coming in next week, I have found.  But I am.  Of course.  I don't really mind.  It just takes away the time I need to shop for people.

Actually, there was absolutely no purpose for this post.  But, erm, have a lovely day!

Where did necro_nerdo  go?  *sad face*


Reason #304 to not live at home: Parents messing with computer.

I don't really mind that much when people use my computer.  As long as they know what they are doing!  The first time I buy something really important and completely on my own.  They didn't do anything, just deleted a story I had been working on.  Thank God I'm not in school and that wasn't a paper for class.

I'm glad I can start staying at Scott's again, now that he's done with all of his big papers.  He won't be here much longer, so I want to spend as much time there as I can.

Hung out with old housemates yesterday.  It was quite fun.  No matter how much they think their living situations have improved, I cherish the memory of when we were living together, and wish it could have been longer.  But I suppose it was long enough.

Random: how do you make icons, because I have images that are too big :(?