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Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to quote the latest issue of The Santa Clara.  On page 10, under the title "The 'ins' and 'outs' of '04: guide to pop culture essentials" written by the Assistant Scene Editor, Michelle Murphy, is this quote:

THE 'IN' SPORT: - Rugby.    Manly men and studly females unite in one of the only truly aggressive collegiate sports left standing.  The pushing, grabbing and other such contact is not only pretty sexy, it's all done without padding, the true test of physical and mental superiority.  The fact that the two teams invariably follow up their games with a night full of beer only adds to the appeal.

Is that not awesome or what!?!

Now, as for the 'out' sport, please continue reading:

THE 'OUT' SPORT: - Football.  While other schools cheer on their padded and helmet-clad (i.e. wimpy) token athletes, we have to fast forward to the end of "Bend it Like Bekham" to see our school on television over winter break.  Perhaps the administration's distaste for cocky men in tight pants is the start of something.

Now I open the topic up.  Because it's an important issue: should the school have football or not?  I am torn on the issue and always have been.  It's generally seen that rugby-lovers hate football and football-lovers hate rugby.  But I still love both.  I try to respect both games.  But what do you guys think?


P.S.: You can check out The Santa Clara, our school newspaper, at


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