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I feel odd today.  I had a meeting this morning with psych club that went very well, and I'm really excited about that this quarter.  I'm pissed because we aren't having practice tonight and I really needed to go, so I'll be off to the gym instead, I think.  Our sponsors are coming out to the game on Saturday, so I'm happy about that.  And for the most part, my friends are okay.  This is my time to question relationships.  Not just intimate relationships.  I get mad at people who become couples and basically tell the rest of the world to fuck themselves (not literally, I hope).  And though I think I have good reason, I hate to jump to conclusions.  But then, that means I may still feel some friendship for Crystal, and I sure as hell do NOT.  Oh well.  Just ranting.  But I think it will be a good day.  Because I am working with dumbhippie  and she is cool.</span>

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