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God my head hurts.  I actually had some free time last night.  Hard to believe.  Lien and Kristina were supposed to come watch "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" but Lien FORGOT!  It did give me time to do some homework goodness, and fill out my calendar.  My God, my life will suck some this quarter.  So... many... meetings!  But because I had spare time last night, I was able to meet with a friend to help him with his speech, so I was happy.  For a little while, anyway.

The situation with Mitch is surprisingly not getting better.  It's not just the fact that he thinks I'm trying to turn his housemates to my side (because, you know, I have a side).  His logic is just out of this world.  He thinks I have a problem with commitment and that I flirt with too many guys.  To which I responded that he does have a suspicious relationship with Ashley, if my flirting is considered a threat to the commitment.  To which he responded that he works with her (which is the good response) and then quickly says in a matter-of-fact tone "and she's only one girl".

So round two and still no good.

Today I think the Marines might be coming to campus, so I have to talk with them about the sponsor stuff.  I hope this all works out.  If it does, it's new scrum machine cha ching*.


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