mary anne. (rugbybaby) wrote,
mary anne.

Okay so Coraline didn't take quite as long as I would have expected. It was really good, though, and I'm excited at the idea of it getting turned into a movie. I'm going to start Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. I could have sworn I'd read it before, but now I'm incredibly certain that I haven't.

Heroes was pretty awesome. I have to say, though, that I had difficulty sitting around watching television for three hours straight. I consider that a good thing.

Today's my busy day, in comparison to the others. I asked the professor of the longer class if my attendance would be a nuisance or anything, but she assured me that it would be good to go, and thus I am going. Sort of a slow start this morning, but not in a bad way.

Letter sent off to kiri427 this morning! Hope you lot have a good day.
Tags: books, letters: penpal

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