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my 101 in 1001 days

I have 1001 days to complete 101 tasks. So, I have until Monday, June 20th, 2011 to complete all these things!

Some things should probably be a little more specific than others and are difficult to measure, but such is life. If there are still spaces open, they will surely stay that way for a short time. I also have yet to pin down the consequences for not finishing a task, but it will probably be donating $5 per task to a worthy cause.

italics : working on it.
strike : finished!
bold : didn't finish D:


education :
1.) Take at least one class through Open University @ SJSU for Spring '09.
2.) Finish personal statement. Have Dana look it over.
76.) Finish application for Comm masters program by December 1st, 2008. Call Grad studies 1 week after sent to ensure they received it - checked online.
77.) Check with SJSU/SFSU to see if they've got my GRE scores by November 1st, 2008. If they don't, order scores to be sent from GRE. Ordered additional scores. Change that: check online status. Check with SFSU, since SJSU is fine and all sent to grad dept.
78.) Order official transcripts to be sent to SJSU/SFSU by November 30th, 2008. One edit: Send again from SJSU in mid-January, 2009. SCU; SJSU 1 ( request for transcripts handed in on 31 October and collected on 8 November; SJSU 2 One last time, from SJSU, to both. Check with SFSU to make sure they have SCU's.
79.) Contact Dean Hegstrom, Deanna Fassett, Ryan Olson and Laura Ellingson by January 1st, 2009, about letters of recommendation.
80.) Hand-deliver writing sample to SJSU ( personal statement ) ; send samples to SFSU.
81.) Have everything for my masters application to SJSU completed by February 2nd, 2009.
89.) Have everything for my masters application to SFSU completed by 1 March, 2009.

entertainment :
3.) Read 50 books each year.
- 2008.
- 2009.
- 2010.
25.) Join 50bookchallenge starting in 2009.
28.) Get caught up on these two series by the new year (1 January, 2009): Doctor Who and Dexter.
34.) Go see Wicked.
75.) See a play that hasn't been mentioned above.

society :
4.) Volunteer at the Humane Society.
5.) Do a beach cleanup.
6.) Volunteer at a soup kitchen? Martha's kitchen? One of those. You get the idea.
7.) Go through wardrobe before Christmas and donate whatever you honestly do not wear and don't fit into.
8.) Donate 15 toys for Christmas.
9.) Do a walk-a-thon for a good cause.
10.) Donate to the Humane Society.
11.) Find a good cause to donate to, like March of Dimes or St. Jude's.
42.) Donate blood.
43.) Plant trees. THEY STILL DO THAT, DON'T THEY?

friends/family :
12.) Send out Christmas cards.
- 2008.
- 2009.
- 2010.
13.) Send one card every month to a friend or cousin.
14.) Get cousins' addresses.
15.) Keep up with penpals. These do not count as the card mentioned above. 1.) deana_in_texas, 2.) weirdity, 3.) nickodemus23, 4.) zisne.
36.) Visit Jamie.
45.) Take Aunt Kay out to lunch.
49.) See Carmen again.
56.) Make 5 new LJ friends. 1.) luchalibrarian, 2.) shadow_of_doubt, 3.) marycontraire, 4.) babybasilisk, 5.) frosty_pickle.
69.) Call Marshall. For Christmas, at least.
70.) Get in touch with Daniel and Michelle.
72.) Go to dinner with Xuan.
82.) Take Dana out to dinner after my masters application process is complete.

health :
16.) Lose 50 pounds in a year, starting today.
17.) During Christmas season, eat ONE THIRD of a sweet per day.
38.) Go vegetarian for a month.
59.) Do swimming laps three days a week for three months.
63.) Go with Carrie to at least one yoga session.
65.) Get a good multivitamin.
66.) Get off of Nutrisystems (preferably only stay on for 1 year, no longer and find out when that is).
67.) Design a personal meal plan.
71.) Stretch every morning. Not negotiable. Start in the morning.
86.) Sign up for a training session.
87.) Complete five training sessions.

around the house :
18.) Reorganize my room.
19.) Find my camera.
23.) Clean house once every three weeks.
24.) Deposit box of books in storage unit.
33.) Go through storage unit.
41.) Clean out storeroom.
83.) Help Mom clean and organize study ( ahem ahem bookcases ).
88.) Buy a battery for my computer OR get that little computer thing Carrie's recommended.

life in general :
20.) After finding camera ( see #19 ) figure out how to use it and transfer photographs to external hard drive.
21.) Actually use said camera to take pictures of friends and family and save to external once a month.
22.) Back up with external hard drive once a month.
26.) Get a massage with the card the fam gave me!
27.) Fix and clean up bicycle.
29.) Go see robot exhibit at museum!
30.) Go see Da Vinci exhibit at museum.
35.) Knit a blanket.
37.) Complete this freaking list.
39.) Attend an orchestra.
40.) Visit a winery.
44.) Go to Sicily.
46.) Learn and then make 9 new dishes. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
48.) Write four short stories and try to have at least one not be fanfic.
53.) Learn soccer.
54.) Pray the rosary every night for the month of December, 2008.
57.) Relearn billiards.
58.) Buy a swimsuit.
61.) Grow a plant that will live for more than a week.
64.) Make my LJ account a paid account.
68.) Find/create my writing/reading space.
84.) Go to mass for four consecutive Sundays.
85.) Join a Bible study group.

work :
31.) Revise my resume.
32.) Get a decent job that is somehow related to a career I would like to pursue.
90.) Apply to the GTA program.

jeff :
47.) Take Jeff horseback riding.
50.) Take him to a rugby match.
51.) Go with him to a football match.
52.) Take him to a soccer match.
55.) Take him and the parents to midnight mass on Christmas Eve.
60.) Have a picnic with the dogs.
62.) Give him a full 24-hour period for his planning.
73.) Go to at least two choir performances this Christmas.
74.) Go to a Christmas jazz quartet or some similar ensemble for Christmas.

to use :