mary anne. (rugbybaby) wrote,
mary anne.

Woo new layout! It's very Supernatural-ified, but sue me, I like it. I was going to go with this other banner that darkelfgrl picked out, since the girl in it is my favorite and I talk about her often, but she at least gets an icon because I like this banner and the lyrics. Also because meloquent agreed with me about this banner. Like it matters. Moving on.

My paper for my presentation tomorrow is nearly complete! I have to edit it again, read it out loud tonight, and print out a final draft tomorrow morning! I've got tons of non-school stuff to do after that, but it will be a relief to have this project done. I'll even get to read again! Gasp! I also have to write letters to deana_in_texas and kiri427. I might be able to start a bit of that this evening after working out!

Anyway, I feel a small sense of relief and satisfaction. How often does that occur on a Monday, I ask you. Hope the week starts out well for you lot. I've got to run to the library to drop off my books. ♥
Tags: layout, letters: penpal

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