mary anne. (rugbybaby) wrote,
mary anne.

I had fatty sushi. I mean there's sushi, and then there's PUTTING AVOCADO ALL OVER IT and all the sweet stuff that you know is so bad for you. And it's just sitting oddly in my stomach. It was good at the time, though.

I called it an early night because I actually felt guilty about staying out instead of finishing this paper. I'm so nearly done but even as I wrote the rest of it today, it didn't feel quite right. I guess I'm just so freaked that I'll get an F and, best of all, I'll be reading it out loud in front of the class (6 students, 1 professor) even though they're all pretty great. I just feel as if my work isn't up to par, like I'm missing something. However, writing about it here isn't getting my paper done, so off I go.

Hope everyone's having a nice weekend ♥

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