mary anne. (rugbybaby) wrote,
mary anne.

I think one of these days I will have to fiddle with the layout of this journal. Perhaps that will make it more interesting and I'll be more likely to use it as often as I should. Except not today because I am already procrastinating on my reading. Great sign for this semester, I can tell.

I start my classes tonight. Or, well. I see if I can get into one class tonight. I'm not sure of my chances, but at least I gave it every effort. The other one I'm just sitting in on, though I'm not certain about what that will entail. So far I've gotten ahead on some reading and it's really interesting.

It's been about a week since I've sprained my ankle. So now I've sprained both, though years apart from one another. I suppose that evens out. Walking isn't too much of a problem, and I'm still hoping I might be able to go to the gym next week. Not sure, though.

I've really enjoyed reading as much as I have lately. So far this year I've read 36 books, and I hope to get through 50 before the year is out. Obviously classes will make this somewhat difficult, but I think I'll be able to do it. I recently finished both of Barack Obama's books, and I'm glad I did that before the start of the Democratic National Convention. Also I'm annoyed that I'll miss Hilary Clinton's speech tonight, but I figure I can youtube it tomorrow. Now I'm reading one of McCain's books, Faith of My Fathers. I'd like to read one of his more recent ones, but that would probably involve purchasing it and I'm not sure about that.

Back to reading and a bunch of work.

ETA : Ugh LJ, stop asking me to change my password. Now it's just annoying.
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