mary anne. (rugbybaby) wrote,
mary anne.

Starbucks is becoming too sweet for me. When did this happen. I blame Peet's. Though in theory I should not be getting either as often as I have, so I'm cutting back a little. Okay I'm really not, but I should focus on getting smalls instead of mediums. I've also discovered something horrific: I like lattes. Fortunately, I may forget about this within a few days and will never be tempted to get them. I can dream.

Last night we went to Consuelo's in Santana Row for dinner. I warned my parents that it's really not the typical Mexican restaurant that they're used to, but they said it was my choice and that they were looking forward to it. So Jeff and I were wearing very amused expressions when my parents stared at the menu for ten minutes and still didn't know what to get. In the end everyone enjoyed what they ordered and the margaritas were quite good. Today we have a big family dinner. I always find myself not looking forward to these, but then when we go, I tend to really enjoy myself. Better that than the other way around. The fact that I have good news regarding my schooling probably helps.

I got a birthday card from my aunt and cousin yesterday. The ones that I can't talk about in front of my parents because they just flip out. It's my mother's sister-in-law and nephew, and she doesn't really like either of them for various reasons. I'm not sure how my father feels on it, but there's a huge sense of betrayal all around and it really doesn't hit me as hard. I mean yeah, my cousin is an asshole, but for some reason I can't think that badly of him. I've written back and said yeah, would be great to get together for dinner again. It would just be the three of us again, because my parents are better off not knowing about it and I'm not bringing anyone for my cousin to mock.

The people attending the garage sale next door keep blocking our driveway. It's pretty annoying. I mean blatantly blocking it. There's no way they can't see that they're not blocking it. I'm really not leaving anytime soon and I know it's normal garage sale procedure, but they don't have to be jerks about it when we ask them to move so we can use our own damn driveway. Back to cleaning, perhaps an episode of Doctor Who, and a piece of reading American Gods and writing more of this letter before a shower and festivities.

ETA : Oh God, I forgot about Facebook. At least this means I'll see more of my old friends and maybe we'll get together longer than the whole 'YOU DISAPPEARED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH' stage.

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