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So this must at least be the third time I've promised to come back, drifted for quite an accumulation of months, and then dropped back again. Let's see if I can be more consistent about keeping updated on people's lives, now that mine is picking up a little bit. Doing what I'm doing now, it's hard to believe there were times where I would spend days doing nothing of importance. I have a hard enough time sitting still for three hours. Occasionally.

My most sincere apologies to deana_in_texas, for many reasons. And I read your thing that said you were having a meh day. I hope things improve for you!

Also, darkelfgrl : JENNY YOUR JOURNAL PAGES STILL SUCKS. IDC WHAT YOU SAY. Hope you feel better ♥.


Aug. 15th, 2008 01:28 am (UTC)

Oh god that icon. STOP TEMPTING ME.