mary anne. (rugbybaby) wrote,
mary anne.

I tend to think behaviorism has a bad connotation. At least I used to, but that was mostly because it came before the introduction of cognition, and cognition tends to be the way people would rather view themselves. You know, that there's actually something resembling a thought process going on up there.

Which is why psych majors generally have to or are at least recommended to take a behaviorism course to learn of current theories, like the ones that involve behaviorism and cognition.

Dr. Bell gets the last laugh. I never expected I'd ever get published. And, in the unlikely case that I did, I never thought I'd get published in a behavioral journal, especially when our experiment started out as organizational. I never took organizational, so I didn't really understand it and didn't get that behaviorism could be part of it. Until now, of course. Well, I suppose I kind of got it at the conference, but it didn't click.

Has now. Yes I'm babbling. iDC. I'm just stunned. And there we are.

Hope all's well with you.
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