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So yesterday I went to a funeral. Why am I going to so many damn funerals? I've gone to so many different events of late. I don't remember going to so many things when I was in high school. Though there are reasons for it, really. I mean, all the weddings I'm hearing about, half of them are my friends getting married, and obvi that doesn't happen (much) in high school and not too often in college. Hopefully. Anyroads. And it's just family members getting old. Well Cornelius wasn't a family member. Moving on.

So I'm really not going to bore you with big posts and stuff. Cornelius was a "homeless" man who used to sit in front of my dad's building every day. I made a post when he died and another when there was a place for you to leave comments to him and all. He was a really sweet guy.

Anyway, his funeral was yesterday. My dad helped out a lot, but he's really nice in that he'll take a step back and not try to steal the limelight (aka his brother, my uncle). But everyone knew how much my da had done and came to thank him for it later and he would always answer "there were a lot of people who helped."

But really, for a man who was living in a van, it was just incredible, the ceremony and the turnout. There were at least 80 people there, plus a few police officers and firemen and women. And afterwards they released some doves and there was a small reception. And someone made bookmarks and Cornelius' family was there, and they talked about how he wasn't really homeless. It was kind of like voluntary poverty that started after he'd spent all of his money on his wife's cancer treatment. And see my sentences are just getting more abstract by the moment, so I'll stop there.

Edit: Sorry, did I say 80? I meant 250. I can't count. Anyway, here is the article that made the front page this morning. Center article above the fold. He will definitely be remembered as the San Jose Ambassador.

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