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Dec. 26th, 2005

Apologies for not updating or commenting. I feel like I've gotten sucked into a black hole or something. Doing all of nothing. Except baking. I do a bit of baking. Just got an Italian cookbook and a breadmaker. Oh the fun. I can't wait. I feel so lazy. I haven't even read. And I need to respond to all my penpals. I've been horrible at that, I daresay. I've written a little, but nothing to speak of.

So LAZY! So very lazy. And we just watched Supersize Me. I want a carrot.

Oh, just bought The 40-Year-Old-Virgin. So excited. Enjoy what time you have off.


Dec. 26th, 2005 07:01 pm (UTC)
I hear that. I haven't eaten McDonalds since I was seventeen. These days I avoid it at all costs, and that's only when we're on a road trip and we need to eat something. They're EVERYWHERE. Now I've lost my appetite and must drink orange juice.