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Saturday morning funness

So it's Saturday morning, and where else would I be but working the Benson info booth because, as we have already addressed, I have no life.  Actually, I am rather excited because after my shift, my father and I are going to my uncle's house to pick up my new cozy chair and foot stool.  See, now you must come hang at the apartamento.  Be ready for a party the second weekend (hint hint).

Oh, so I just finished reading "the five people you meet in heaven" by Mitch Albom.  What a great book.  Sad to say and I cried a bit at the fourth person (those who know me and the past will know why).  Especially embarrassing because it was 11:00 am in Benson with like fifty people walking around.  But it you get a chance, read it.  It took me literally about two and a half hours to read (in between answering phone calls and questions.  The book is very inspiring and reminds you that even though you think your life is small and meaningless, there are still people who are affected by even the tiniest of your movements.  And it really helped me a lot because I've been thinking of death a lot.  I don't talk about it.  I hate talking about it and it embarrasses the shit out of me.  Perhaps this book brings a little closure to something that bothers us all.

Well, I'm off to work and write some more.  My story is coming along well.  Maybe I'll even finish this one.  Not likely, but it's worth a shot.  Have a great day, everyone.  Take care and enjoy the weekend.

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