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Nov. 15th, 2005

I just realized that I got cut from someone's journal.  I should have known, that person updated with some frequency.  Still saddens me, I thought I had commented a bit (by my standards of commenting) but I suppose it wasn't enough.

When people do cuts, one of the reasons most often given is that there is nothing in common.  I personally don't see that as a good reason.  Valid, sure.  But not good.  For I am ever learning.  There are lives that I have nothing in common with, but that does not mean I don't want to hear about them or learn from them.  A few of the people I friended have kids.  I don't have kids.  I don't live in England.  I don't go to school.  But I like hearing your experiences because it's fun and important to you, and I like learning about you.  I may have nothing obvious in common with you, but that doesn't make me want to learn about you any less.  I like learning about people.  I live my life one way knowing that no one lives exactly the same way, and I like to learn about and acknowledge those differences.

I think I'm getting a little bit better on posting comments, though sometimes I can't even find the right words and giving a typical answer seems unnecessary.  To say something just to say something.  That's why I don't mind that a lot of people don't comment on my posts.  They aren't interesting anyway.  I went to work and...... I have a dog.  Weeeee!  No, I don't get all bitter when no one comments, and to be honest I find it a little strange when people expect a comment from everyone.  Most of my friends post monthly and never comment.  Such is life.  But on a sidenote, I do appreciate you, lemmingpie , for giving me so many warm comments.  I think you give me the most and they are fun to read.  I've gotten lots of comments recently.  Anything over 0 is a lot for me haha.  I suppose I could do a friend's cut since a lot of people don't comment on my posts, but eh.  I'm lazy and I don't care.  I don't unfriend people.

And you may now think I'm bitter.  I'm not mad.  Not having anything in common is a reason.  I just don't like it as a reason.

Now on to the day.  Same old, same old.  ALMOST finished with The Chronicles of Narnia.  Honestly, I think making The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe into a movie will be a bigger success than any of the others.  Although I do like The Magician's Nephew and think it would be a fun movie too.  Next up will be Al Franken's newest book.  The man cracks me up, I can't help it.

Also saw George Carlin's standup the other night.  I used to think he was a little lewd.  But now... God he's just so damn funny.  One of his rants was about abortion, which I loved.  Pro-choice.  And he also talked about gay marriage, and how it was a solution to abortion.  How can the Catholic Church be opposed to both?  Hehe, we have to watch that again.

My parents are funny.  When I told them I wanted to take a year off of school (I think this started about half a year ago) they totally flipped out.  My mother NEVER took a break between her numerous degrees, and my father went right into law school after he graduated from college.  I think they were afraid I'd drop like my younger cousins have, just at a later time.  That obviously is not the case, as I have this lovely job.  But my mother plowed ahead and printed up information about a counseling psychology graduate program at SCU.  She's a funny one.  At least the applications aren't due until April for the Fall.  But I have to take the GRE again.  And I can't mess it up this time.  I have three months.  This time I'm nailing this test in the ass.

I have to remember to go through Grandma's recipes when I get home.  She has recipes for banana nut bread and zucchini bread and pumpkin bread.  Mmm.  I'd better start baking again.  I'll start shipping those suckers out.

I think both of my bosses are out today.  Time to start relearning vocabulary again.


Nov. 15th, 2005 09:46 pm (UTC)
don't worry, I won't ever cut you. :)
Nov. 15th, 2005 09:49 pm (UTC)
Awws! :D Big happy smile. Right back atcha.