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May I just say, now that I am at the computer that I will be using for my job (I can't work on it much, since they still have to remodel the whole damn area) that my area will be fucking awesome.  The computer is wycked (keyboard included) and I have to learn how to use this monster of a mouse.

Though really, while I say this, my eyes are KILLING me and I can't wait to go home just so I don't have to look at a computer.  Television doesn't count.

Went to the U2 concert last night.  Very awesome.  There was a lightning storm while we were on the road, which was kinda weird as there was no storm in the forcast.  But, of course, weatherpeople are always 100% accurate.  Just think what Lewis Black would say.  I am.  And he would not be happy.  Nevertheless, besides being slightly concerned from time to time, it was fun to watch.  There was no thunder.  Hmm.

The crisis at work isn't really such a crisis.  My manager is really cool and was really nice about talking to me.  I've decided the reason I was breaking down was because I'm so used to having a supervisor who wants to know what I'm doing, where I'm calling, what assignment I'm working on and the progress.  And my manager keeps telling me that this is an independent position.  Not that I'm on my own, but once I get the responsibilities down I'm free to run with it (with some restraint, of course).  I think I was just looking for guidance, but sending 20 emails in the span of three and a half hours (to no more than five people, mind you) is a bit excessive.  I'm getting there.  Thanks for your notes.

So thus far I've been busy all day, running around the building taking notes, staring at my screen for emails and for research, the works.  And all I can say is I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday so I don't have to look at a computer.  I'm considering not checking my email this weekend, that's how bad it is.  It's not even annoyance.  Now it's physical pain in my shoulders and neck and eyes.  Damn.  Damn damn damn.  Alas, I will survive.


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