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Sorry I haven't commented much. I spend all of five minutes online each night checking my emails and such. How boring. BUT with my new job, I should have more time and energy to pay attention.

I went out last night after work for my cousin Paul's birthday. Yeah, he's the cousin I like. I favour only two of my cousins, and they are ironically the ones I have seen and known the least. My cousin the law student has his moments, but right now I'm still not pleased with him. That aside, I had a lovely lime. We went to Comedy Sportz in downtown San Jose. I remember we had a few Comedy Sportz performances on campus while I was a student, but I don't particularly remember them as being mildly funny. This show was hilarious, and I can't wait to go again. Afterwards we walked to Gorden Birsch (sp) for dinner and drinks. Great food and beer, and such great company. I should hang out with Paul more often.

This morning my mother harassed me to no end about getting a flu shot, and I gave in. The Savemart near our house had a clinic for four hours this morning, so Scott and I limped to the store and got shot up.

I'm worried about Casey. My dog at home. She's never been the same since she was put under when she got her teeth cleaned. It's all my fault, too, and it makes me feel horrible. I visit home more often but it just depresses the hell out of me. She shivers all the time. Frowny face. I hope she feels better soon.

Share the love. Hope you are all well. Cheers.

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