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So I finally gained internet access once more, time to post. I need to call Microsoft and pay the friggin' $35 so they can tell me they can't fix it because it's too old. TOO DAMN OLD! It's Windows 98 for the love of God. It's not that damn old. Well, consider: it's like six years old. Wow. But I need the internet in some form or I won't be able to see what's going on in everyone's lives. Double wow.

Well, let's see. Having a bit of fun with the digital camera. I feel all techy now without knowing... anything. We start school again on Monday, but I'm working early shifts this weekend in Benson because I HAVE NO LIFE. Mitch is a bit ticked about that, too. Ah well.

Hmm, what else. Just hanging out, really. I have a new philosophy on Crystal: I don't care. As long as the rent is in on time. We have completely meaningless conversations and I've given up caring. It makes things much easier, let me tell you. And happier, I think. It makes me appreciate my true friends who haven't left, especially those I have met in college. Like everyone reading this journal, for instance.:) Anyway, must jet. I have some LOTR to get around to. Finally finished watching the extended edition of the Two Towers, now for the special features and commentary on both special editions. Haha, I'm going to drive Mitch crazy. Muahahaha.

Take care, kiddies. Later!

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