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Los Angeles Angels just lost to the White Sox. Normally I don't like baseball. Not since Jeff Kent turned out to be an asshole. But I had hopes for the Angels. Because I don't like the White Sox. They rank up there with the Yankees. You don't care. I know you don't. But... I'm sad nonetheless. So many errors. And so many bad pitches.

I was incredibly productive today. Which also means I spent a little bit too much today. Mostly errands. But I have to say I am especially happy about a decision I helped my mother with. She and my father went out yesterday while I was at work to get a new stationary bicycle. I only use it when I'm at home, which is rare. More of the walking type, really. It's better for you, anyway. They bought one but couldn't bring it home, and my mother seemed really disturbed about it. She didn't trust her decision and insisted that I come with her to check out two bikes. The first was at Sears, a business we have trusted enough to get our washing machine, our fridge, and our treadmill from. The sales associate was informative, and the bike looked really good. Not the high quality of what we have in our school fitness center, but a good price for a solid product.

And then we went to see the one my mother decided upon. Because she never went to see the first one. She impulsively bought the first and only one she had seen. And you wonder where I get my impulsive streak from. This was at a family-owned sports equipment store near our house. I was shocked. The one there was almost twice as expensive. It was the only one there. And the quality was horrible. HORRIBLE. I was afraid to sit on it. Scott refused to touch it. He thought he might break it with one touch.

After some consideration, I convinced my mother that we should refund the one she bought and get the first one. After all, it was still in the store, and we would have had to hire a truck to get it home. Sears does it for a small fee. And my father already crushed his foot picking up the first one. My mother was afraid she would have a fight on her hands, but I slithered us out of the old bike and into the new. I'll come home just to use this bike.

On a happy note, I now have fuzzy pink slippers. Sadly, they will have to stay at my house. Otherwise, they will become Dash's newest chew toys.

Oo, one other thing. So I took my dog, Casey, into the vet's yesterday to get her teeth cleaned. Unfortunately, they had neglected to tell me to fast her for twelve hours. So I brought her in today. $369 later, she came back hating me and whining around the house. They tried to sell me doggie toothpaste and a toothbrush for $24 too. We've had dogs all my life. I've never taken one in for a dental cleaning. And we've never brushed our dogs' teeth. Casey is 10 years old. We're not starting now. Poor thing has been walking around with a wounded expression every moment since she came back. I felt so bad. *whimper*

I'm really glad I don't have work on weekends for the next few weeks. I've been working so much and coming home so exhausted that I frequently have little headaches a few times a day. Rather annoying, really.

Sorry to bore you. Hope you all have a nice weekend.


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Oct. 17th, 2005 08:41 am (UTC)
You didn't bore me at all! Good for you for getting out the deal with the bike and getting the one from Sears. I used to trust the stuff from Sears and they are really good if something goes wrong as well. Go you!
Poor Casey! If she's 10 and this is her first cleaning, I would imagine that would hurt. That was so expensive! I do think it's a good idea to clean their teeth (at home) as it will prevent problems in the future. I'm not so sure about the going to the vet however. Guess it depends on how much money one has to spend on their pets.
Ok - blabbed enough now - glad your weekend was good. :)
Oct. 18th, 2005 01:25 am (UTC)
Ew Yankees...I'm a Red Sox girl, so I inherintley despise them. I actually do enjoy the baseball side of things, so here's one person who does care!

I'm also really really glad you got the other bike instead, I think it is so upsetting to get home something you didn't really want to buy. That is so awesome that you worked things out!

And poor Casey... We had to have our cat Cassie's (oh my word, such close names!) teeth cleaned once, but they were caked with tartar, and we could see it, so I could see that. Do you feed Casey a lot of dry food and bones to chew on? That could help (pssh, teeth brushing. Heh, I actually have thought of doing that for Ein though, I'm such a crazy catdoglady...)
Oct. 18th, 2005 03:26 am (UTC)
Casey eats all dry dog food, and she's never really taken to hard toys to chew on. My mother doesn't like the idea of giving her bones because she's afraid Casey will swallow something and choke. There really wasn't anything wrong with her teeth. Honestly don't know why we got it done now. But yes. Thanks!
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