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Alright, so here is the update on the job situation.

Until I get a better job offer, I will be working in our campus bookstore, a small part of Barnes & Noble.  Decent money, a good job, and it certainly takes a weight off of my shoulders for when I return.  I'm going to be there for a few months at least, because I realize that they want to hire someone that will be there longer than a month or two, which I am completely comfortable with.  It's a job.  I start work tomorrow morning at 9,work until like 1 or 2, then work on Sunday afternoon.  Then I don't work until the day I come back from vacation.  So that Campus Safety position... I'm not too worried about the lag.  Besides, in the case of the FSS job I applied for, the Assistant Dean sent me an email saying she would get back to me within a month to tell me if I was part of a select group to be interviewed.  She also said my degree at the school would not be forgotten.

All I care is that I have a job when I get back.  And it makes me very happy.  I did want a little time off, but I would rather work than not have a job.  Ever must I be a busy bee!  My supervisor gave me a blanket too.  A fleece blanket.  Exact same one as my ex gave me last year.  But hey, it's a nice blanket.  You can never have too many.  They have some odd ty-dye ones too, but I would much rather have this one.  Yay!

Hope all is well on your end.
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