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There is some justice in this world.  Let's leave it at that. :)

This morning started out not-so-great.  Last night I decided that, since mirei and vintagefury are coming over tomorrow night, I should spend the night at home to sort of get used to staying at home again.  BIG MISTAKE.  I woke up late.  Late enough for my father to be tempting my dog to jump on my bed.  My mother and I had a small bitchfest in the bathroom about me sleeping in late (for Christ's sake, it was 6:50 AM).  I broke my only pair of sunglasses (they were cheap, but still) and started off late.  Surprisingly, things cheered up after that.  It only took me 20 minutes to drive to work (usually takes half an hour at that time of the morning).  I found parking relatively close to campus, and the day has been going along at a decent pace.  A little bit of running around, but mostly holding down the fort, as it were.

My coworker invited me out to lunch.  I suppose I should be nice and accept.  I'm not very keen on her.  She tends to complain a lot and doesn't really understand how the office works, which can be irritating when I have to leave what I am doing (oftentimes a task that isn't unimportant) to help her with something that should have been done two weeks ago and is due TODAY.

Umm, wow.  I just got offered a job at our campus bookstore.  Two minutes ago.  I HAVE A JOB!  Yay.  I'll add a second post soon.  I need lunch.

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