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Seriously, some people make me feel sick.  Literally.  That's about all I want to say about that.  Let's move on.

Second to last day of work.  Jenni just left.  I gave her a card.  I intend to hand out more tomorrow when I leave.  I won't be looking back.  Great experience and everything.  But I've had enough.

Vacation coming up soon.  Very happy about some time off.  It's a double-blessing to be traveling a little bit really, but I just need some time to relax and get my life back together.

I found another job to apply to.  The one I've been waiting on... I'm tired of waiting.  I need a job.  Now.  The one I just applied to sounds like a really good one.  Administrative Assistant in the School of Law's Faculty Support Services.  Pretty good money, a job that is mostly customer service.  I think customer service is right up my alley, at least at the moment.  It's nothing I'm not used to.  Only thing: there are currently four AA.  FOUR. Why are there four?  I've seen a max of two, maybe three in an office.  One manager, four AA's.  I don't understand.

Other funny thing about this position: under the purpose, I found this statement: "The assigned responsibilities require 100% accuracy, as well as excellent organizational skills."  Right.  100%.  With me, you get about 95%.  I'd say that's fair, don't you think?  Maybe I can cheat if I get an interview. :)  Anyone have all the answer key?

So I applied.  Sent my request and resume to HR.  Also sent an email (with the school system, big brownie points there) and my cover letter and resume to the Assistant Dean since she is in charge of hiring.  *cross fingers*

That's my blah for the day.  Have a good one! 

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