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mary anne.

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Sooo glad it's Tuesday. Thought it would never come. I get to go out to lunch today, then work again until 5, and then go to the stats lab to do some data entry. Now I see why my parents tell me I work too much. I know I do, but I have to keep busy. Ahh, I don't know why I do anymore. Rather pointless, and even worse if my grades drop.

My bank account suffers. Massively. I am curious, though, to see if Crystal has any financial troubles. Because if she gives me the money on time and enough family members give me money, I'll be okay. I'll just keep telling myself that and rock back and forth. Jeysus, with all the hours I have been pulling, you'd think I'm all right. I can't wait for my stipend from statistics. Mmm.
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