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Yay for having my computer back!  This heap gave me so much anxiety, it's nuts.  I'm so glad to have it back.  I'm still a little concerned because it's acting up a little bit, but I've been pushing it with WoW and a nearly full hard drive.  Well, at least now I have two free gigs.  Hehe, vintagefury has agreed to help me out, thank goodness, when she returns.

The new additions to the family are doing well.  They are so cute!  I named one Agatha, and Scott named the other Abigail.  They don't eat much, play fight a lot, and love to climb up and down the walls.  They make me see how sick Peekaboo really was when he passed away.  They are very refreshing, and even some of my office staff couldn't help but like them.

I haven't heard back from the man who offered me a job on campus yet.  I'm wondering if he's on vacation.  I know he didn't put the position up online, so I hope he's still interested in hiring someone for the position, mainly me.  As my future is just a little uncertain, I don't know how long I would even be able to work.  I might be able to work my first year in school, but by the second year you are expected to start working in a school, and in the third year you actually start working at the school (on staff, I guess?).  I'm planning a busy couple of years for myself.  Even if I get this job on campus, I'll still be trying to volunteer on weekends for a nonprofit organization so I can get more experience with the little ones.  I'm anxious to get started, and I know when Scott starts school I will be even more anxious (probably envious, too).

On the way to work today I saw little kids with their little backpacks heading off to the first day of school and realized that I won't be doing that again.  Not for a while at least.  Kind of makes you take a step back.
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