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Peekaboo died.  I found him this morning.  He hadn't been doing all that well, so this wasn't much of a surprise. When I came home on Saturday morning, I found that he hadn't been eating.  Carrots and peanuts littered his cage, and he LOVED carrots.  He drank a little bit but he looked very lethargic.  By Sunday morning I was very worried, and Scott and I brought him by the vet's office.  I knew there wasn't much we could do for him, I just wanted him to be comfortable and without pain.  But the small animal specialist wouldn't be in until today, and unless I could take time off of work (very unlikely), I wouldn't be able to bring him in for a while.  Scott offered to bring him in today to get him looked at, but when we came by this morning, we found he had already passed away. I hated seeing the poor little one in pain.  Yes, he was antisocial and bit people, but he was my baby and I loved him.  Something along the lines of the phrase "a face only a mother could love" comes to mind.  Well, at least he isn't suffering anymore.
Which leads me to my small rant, which requires a bit of background.  Scott and I went to the mall yesterday, and I had the expressed purpose of getting a couple of new bras.  If there are two things I am uncomfortable with shopping for, they are bras and dresses (prom dresses, and thank God that bull is over).  But I went anyway.  I found some luck at the first place and decided to go to the second place anyway.  I can't tell you how embarrassed I was, and not just for me, but for Scott as well.  At least there were other guys around as well.  And hey, I told him he could wait outside if he so desired.  Anyway, the second place I went into told me they didn't carry bras in my sizein the store anymore, and that they would be selling them online.  This follows a pattern I have heard about recently from other friends as well as from my own experiences.  Stores don't carry all sizes.  They carry the smaller ones over the bigger ones, even though I can say with some certainty that the number of people who need the bigger sizes is larger than the number that needs the smaller sizes.  It just goes to show how society is and what sizes it will accept.  Larger people can't go shopping in the hopes of finding products.  They have to sit at home on the Internet and order.  For practically everything.  My housemates wondered why I didn't want to go out shopping for Senior Ball dresses with them (minus the fact that I didn't want to go, and then I couldn't go).  And not like you have to go to the mall.  Of course you don't.  It's not like it's part of growing up.  But I like going, and I don't want to have to feel uncomfortable, and I have to tell you, I felt damn uncomfortable.  I walked back to our car in shock and embarrassment.  But Scott cheered me up, as he alwaysdoes.

The excited part is that I will be getting my computer back super soon.  Either today or tomorrow, or Wednesday if they try to deliver it on Tuesday and no one is there to sign for it.  I don't think they reformatted my computer, which means I have to, and I really should.  I'm going to need help figuring out what to take off the hard drive and reinstalling stuff.  Bleh.  But at least I
will have it back.

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