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Unproductive weekend

That's the way most of my weekends sound, I think.  I feel extremely lazy on weekends.  Things that sound like a good fun idea on Friday turn into mush by Sunday afternoon.  I think it might be because I often work Saturdays, so that leaves me one day of real rest.  It really isn't much work, though I'm glad I won't be working any more weekends.  I did, however get some things accomplished.  I found HentaiOverfiend 's Christmas present!  Yay!  Now I just have to find him and give it to him.  Hehe.  I'm trying to excavate the room once more.  I've pledged to do a little bit every evening this week.

My mother dragged me to an Apple store to look at iBooks.  $1000.  What a surprise.  My mother started hinting that maybe I would have one by Christmas, at which point I stopped her cold and reminded her that I had just spent over $300 on my current computer (and one of the items purchased was a new battery).  That sucker is going to get me through grad school, let me tell you.  IT WILL.  I will make it.

Reading Tim Russert's book and even one of Al Franken's books has made me realize how important personal relationships with other people, especially teachers, are.  There are two professors at Santa Clara I would love to keep in contact with.  I loved their classes.  In addition to being my thesis advisor, I took three other classes with Dr. Laura Ellingson.  She is by far my favorite professor from the Communication department, and probably the best I have ever had here at Santa Clara.  I promised to write her a long letter to show the tenure committee next year.  Another great professor I had is Professor Freddy Parrella.  Man he was awesome.  Theology of Marriage is one of those classes I will never forget.  I think almost every student who has ever had him has loved him, and I seriously think there is something wrong with someone who doesn't.  But that's my opinion.

So if things at work are as slow as they were next week, I'll be reading Al's book and writing some letters.


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