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Leave it to me to continue the cycle of bodily pain everyone seems to have been struck with.

After Carrie, Lyssie, and Kristen; not equal, but still hurts like hell:

My coworker and I were doing Carlos' job again by moving tables and chairs.  You know, collapsing the legs of the tables and rolling them out.  I was rolling one (and let's keep in mind, they aren't particularly large, maybe 4.5 feet in diameter, but thick and heavy as fuck) towards the closet where we store them when they are not in use.  And I lose control of it.  Even with the ones in another room (I'll say Brass Rail, because JoyJoy might remember) that are much larger in diameter but are also thinner and lighter in weight are easy to manipulate, even if you start to lose control.  But these ones are too heavy.  It bangs against a wall where a department was holding a meeting, then starts to hurl way out of control.  I drop it, hoping it will just drop on the floor so I can pick it up and wheel it out as though nothing happened.  But unfortunately, my calculations were not accurate, and the table fell on me twice.  Yes, twice.  First time, on my whole foot (to add more injuries to my left leg, the one with the sprained ankle) and the second time on my toes.  Thank God I was wearing tennis shoes.  I'm afraid to take off my shoes to assess the damage, really.

I'm hoping it ends here.


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