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Well, today wasn't much in terms of production.  That doesn't say much about how the rest of my days go, but I usually do get something accomplished every once in a while.

Actually, this week has been fairly odd.  Early into the week, I had a revelation.  As we were in the Leavey Center, watching Jimmy Eat World, I realized that the next time we would be in the building, we would be at the Senior Honors and Awards Convocation, and after that it's over.  No more school.  No more living in my awesome house with my awesome friends.  No more wireless Internet.  Well, just go out and say no more Internet, because that's really the truth.  No more staying up late playing video games and watching movies.  It's sad to think about.

Right after that concert, I went to the Hut and forgot why I hadn't been there in so damn long.

That's pretty much how the week has been.  I went to the Claran last night with some friends.  After pretty much getting fairly wasted with my thesis advisor.  This week contains not much sleep and quite a bit of alcohol.

Today was the pit, though.  Scott and I came back home after hitting up the Claran.  I was finally able to get Scott drunk, which is quite a feat, believe me.  I can't imagine anyone having a higher tolerance than me since it has been aggrivating me as of late.  Seemed all right... until this morning.  Except for capstone class, Scott was sleeping in my bed all day.  ALL DAY.  We think he might be sicky, too.  Sad face.

This weekend will have to be productive.  Oh, the productivity.  Well, I took too long of a nap today, so that means I'll be waking up bright and early to read all day!


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