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All right, here's why I hate the idea of Senior ball.

Reason #1: I hated proms in high school.  The reason I hated them did include the company I was in, but I consider that besides the point, as there are other sides to this issue.  The dresses, the shoes, the making of hair and make-up.  Bah.  People trying to look pretty.  How I hate it.  I hate formals.  I hate it all.

Reason #2: Consumerism.  Cost of ticket: $55.  Add to that the cost of the dress, the shoes, the alcohol and the room at the hotel.  Do I look like I have cash coming out from between my bedsheets?

There are other reasons, but I can't think, as I have to work on my theory paper.  But people are talking about it a lot.  I think Scott wants to go.  And I'm not just that hyped about it.  Just kind of depressing.


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