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New Years Resolutions:

1.) Go to mass every Sunday.

2.) Don't swear as much.

3.) Clean the house and the dishes much more often.

4.) Try to be more open-minded and less stubborn.

5.) REALLY try to work hard on this story.

6.) Admit/own up to grudges of the past and lay them to rest.

7.) Focus on my future.  And it's success.  Even when it seems I might not have one.

8.) Stop talking about Angel.  Okay, that's why I'm glad school is starting.  But I feel like I'm turning into a broken record.

9.) Don't be a stranger.

10.) Try new experiences.  Like the one I will start at 12.01 AM on New Year's.


Jan. 1st, 2005 07:40 pm (UTC)
With regards to 2005 goal #5...what is this story that you are working on?