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So I went down to the book buy back area in Benson so my friend could sell back some of her books.  And I found three in the deserted books area.  I love looking down there.  The first two are very recently published books about SPSS, which makes me happy.  The third is The Outcast by Winwood Reade.  With quotes like the following, I can't wait to read it.

"' Do you love your father?' inquired the doctor.

I answered him without hesitation, 'No.'

'I,' he said, ' made a sacrifice for one whom I loved.  But you can sacrifice yourself for one whom you do not love, and yet you say you are not a Christian.'

'Because I have ceased to be Christian,' I replied, ' that is to say, because I have ceased to believe in the Divinity of Christ, is that a reason for me to reject what is good in the teaching of a good man?"

"I believe in God the Incomprehensible, whose nature man can never ascertain.  To adore this extraordinary Power would be irrational; nor do I allow myself to speculate upon the mystery; for it is wrong to waste the powers of the brain, which might otherwise be usefully employed, in reflecting on problems which cannot be solved."


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