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I'm glad we're fairly done with finals and this quarter. I know people (including myself) will be in a much better mood.

My finals schedule was much less than challenging. I just made it that way because of my procrastination. As always. Grr But I've nothing to complain about. I got everything finished and turned in, got some hours in the office in to get paid for, and I've had a fairly relaxing and quite an enjoyable weekend. Very enjoyable indeed.

My schedule is to get lots of GRE studying done, Christmas cards written, and get some fun reading done too. I also want to reconnect with old friends. I have to admit, something's been kinda holding me back. Maybe it's because I'm so active during the day that during the night I want to be anything but active. Whatever it is, I need to overcome it.

So after taking Chris to the airport tonight, I'm going to have coffee with Angel (my Matt ). I can just hear all the jokes about calling him Angel. I've already heard most of them. But if Davina gets to call her Matt Torgie, I get to call my Matt Angel. So there. And I have to give Loreto props. She's good.

Love you all much, and hope you have a happy week. For those of you who do indeed have finals coming up, my wishes to you.
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