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Should be doing homework.  And I will.  In a few minutes.  I haven't posted here in a while.

Yesterday I was on campus all bloody day and night.  So it was nice to be home before it got dark outside.

This evening, Davina, Michelle, my cousin William, and I went to dinner at Chili's.  Afterwards we went for a walk around Santana Row.  And the gifts just came on coming.  We hadn't been walking but a minute when this couple holding about 5 Starbucks cups told us that Starbucks was giving away free drinks.  So of course, we make our way over to Starbucks.  They were giving away free tall peppermint mochas and peppermint lattes.  Sweeeeeeta.  Next we sat by a little fountain.and listened to a musician singing and playing his guitar.  And right by the man, there was a booth with a sign that said "Are you stressed?  Take this test and find out!"  So, of course, Davina urged me to take the test.  Goes against every fiber of my psychological teaching.  So I have to hold these thick metal bars in each hand, and there's a pressure needle on a machine attached to the metal bars.  And she asks me questions about how my life is going, to think about family members and people I associate with.  And the needle shoots to one side, telling me that apparently I am very stressed.  Mmmm hmmmmmmmm.  She proceeds to tell me that I should purchase this book.  John Travolta bought the book and believes in this stuff.  So did Tom Cruise.  Wow, they're successful.  Oh damn, I don't have any money.  Nope, not even my debit card.  Gee, I wish I could buy this book.  Of course I believe it will change my life.


We got free mints, free chocolate.  Mmm free stuff.  And when we got back, we coloured and baked these little cranium characther shrinkie dinks.  So cool.  I have four.  Weee.

Oh, and I hate school.  Love it.  But I hate it.

My favorite word: MER

Back to homework.

I said horny because the hammy looks funny.


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