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Okay, I know I'm from California and I don't know cold weather, but dammit it's cold.  Sue me.  Hehe.

Wow, is it seriously Wednesday already?  Where has the time gone?

I've been unproductive and productive.  I worked yesterday morning and night and today.  I met with my professor about my experiment and I'm going to meet late morning with the athletic director about working the MBB games.  And since Monday afternoon I've been doing math problems out of my GRE book like crazy.  But I haven't done much studing or calling for interviews, but at least I don't have work this afternoon, so hopefully I can place a few calls today and get some returns for Friday and Saturday.  The big story is due on Tuesday.  Meh.

So last night I was doing some GRE math problems (they were on averaging, which we all know  is like the easiest thing in the world as far as arithmetic goes) and I was writing out all my answers and such.  And I was behind the information desk because when I have a free five minutes and I'm on campus, I just go there and pretend I'm working, except I don't get paid.  But I was waiting for my cousin to go to dinner.  ANYWAY, this young man I've seen around ever since I've been here (I could swear he got his masters in engineering last year but I know he works on campus) is talking to the other guy at the desk (a super-senior business major) and he looks at what I'm doing.  And proceeds to tell me that grad school is useless.  And then tells me that I don't need to study because the GRE is so easy why would you study and I'd only have to study if English was my second language.  To which I responded (with a smile) that I have already taken said test and I need to study to take it again.  And then he told me that I wasn't stupid, that I just need to memorize all the numbers and fractions and how to convert fractions to decimals and such.

All right, here's the deal.  I'm not great at math.  I love it, but I'm not great at it.  But I used to be.  If you give me a piece of paper and pencil and a long algebra problem, I'll just nail it.  And I know I can memorize everything.  It just takes time, and I need to know that I can.

I take it with a grain.  The man has no life, no real friends.

I bought this DVD last night with my cousin.  It is by far my favourite Christmas movie.  I never had it as a kid.  And now I DO!

What am I asking my parents for for Christmas?  An external hard drive.   Danielle can get one at the Apple store for a little over $100.  Sweetness.  You know I need one.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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