mary anne. (rugbybaby) wrote,
mary anne.

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Half of the people I've talk to today tell me that the world is ending because of this election.  The other half are putting up a "I don't care" shield.  Not really one good place to be over another.  I reside somewhere in the middle, maybe a little more to the "I voted, and I have accepted that things just may not go the way I would like them to."  Some people call it giving up.  I would rather call it compromising.  This isn't "if you can't beat them, join them."  I'm not saying that.  I've just accepted.  Che sera.

I'm going to pick up my cousin now to go to my parents' house to watch some election coverage.  And then get a molten chocolate cake with the cousin, and coming back for a few beers as the election unfolds.

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