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I just posted and this fucking piece of shit closed it all down.  I hate life.

I'm too tired to write everything all over again.

Congraduations, Joy Joy, on your commencement!  I think she's the only graduate who might read this.  Congrats to anyone else, but especially to my Joy Joy.

I'm so tired.  I can't think.  I'm moody and pissy.  I want to go to bed.  I want to cry.  I hate being emotional.  No wonder no one reads my posts.

I have to find another job on campus.  They probably have to cut my hours in the EPO, so I'm going to the library to make up hours.  Pat isn't happy but fuck I have to pay rent each month.  Library is kind of shitty because of no money and shitty work to do.  But when it comes down to it, I don't care.  It's a job.  I'll do it.

I actually have hopes of working as a building manager for Carlos.  The job is easy, the pay is great.  But I have to work for Carlos.  Good and bad.  Too bad he's kind of an asshole.  But it's good pay.

Check out The Notwist.  Great band.  Characterized as indie rock & lo-fi.  Go figure.

I'm tired.  Good bye.

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