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Maroon 5 concert last night. Major funness. Except my cousin Ashley was there too. Definitely not expecting that. Best part of the night though minus the great intro band as well as excellent performances on the parts of The Red West and Maroon 5 described below:

So I bought The Red West t-shirt because it looked cool. And when the guy asked how I knew TRW, I told them my good friend vintagefury knew them and loved them. I put the shirt on over my other shirt. After the concert, my friends and I were standing by the bathrooms in Leavey Center. The lead singer of TRW comes by and brushes against me. He looks at me, says hi, and tells me I have a nice shirt. I laughed and said hi and thanks and something about how I wouldn't be wearing it if they weren't super cool (okay, not that, but still).

And please please please don't use racial slurs. I feel so bad for my friend and you know they are just stupid words to say and make you look like an ignorant asshole who has nothing better to do. Having those words in your vocabulary doesn't give you friends.
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