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I love my friend John.  John is like one of the coolest people I know.  I love you John Yee because you made me a Chinese person.  :)


so i'm at this shindig, and i'm the only asian in the bunch.  And i'm looking at the white people, with their big eyes, non-black hair, and lack of math skills, and i'm listening to their political debate about the iraq war, whether or not it was justified.  One girl says something against the US, and so one guy automatically assumed she was korean.  North korean no doubt, which was obviously deduced from her white skin, brown hair, and ability to hold alcohol.  Remember, i'm the only asian there.  So the guy, he says in response to the anti-american statement says, 'why don't you go back to korea you chink.'  And this is where i come in.  I politely raise my hand, and draw his attention to the fact that there was indeed a chink sitting next to him.  A real live chink!!!  Not a Korean chink, cuz koreans aren't chinks, but a chinese chink.  But i guess you can't really expect white people to know that.  


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