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Been a while, hasn't it?  Just haven't found the need, much less the time or the means, to write anything.  Guess I just figured there was nothing worth writing about.

I'm not feeling all that well today, and I don't really understand why.  Minus the AC/CShe concert, I've gotten enough sleep, and yes I keep my window open a crack, but I'm definitely warm enough.  This time I think I should go to the nurse because I'm afraid it's bronchitis or strep.  I hope it's not.

Big party this evening: Le Club Francophone.  It's a going-away party for a French exchange student.  She's been here for the past academic year and she's going home on... Friday?  Next week?  Anyway, it's at my apartment because you know by now I love having people over.

I told my roommate about the party and this is what she told me: "Well, I have a lot of projects to work on and a test to study for."  Um, it's called the library.  Humor me.  Or better yet, MOVE OUT ALREADY!  Don't think I haven't seen the trips with big boxes or heard thick tape being used.  Sheesh.

Well, no real complaints besides that one.  Housing should be interesting next year but I have 10 days to figure that out.  Or is it 9?  Oh dear.

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