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I LOVE SPRING BREAK.  To be completely honest, I can think of other things I would like to be doing, such as going to the beach every day or sleeping in or hanging out with friends.  But working every day keeps me productive and makes me appreciate the weekends.  Besides, it's not that tough a job, you know?  It's getting there, but I screw around a lot more than I should.  But I love working in this office.

I'm thinking of getting another betta.  I know, I know.  I'm still afraid the other one will die from shock.  But Vikram seems so happy when I see him.  DON'T LAUGH.  I feel like he's happier to be in a bigger bowl now.

The Gay Marriage issue, the amendment included, has been circling around for quite some time.  I really want to get into a discussion with someone about this one.  It seems like all the arguments for the amendment or at least for keeping gay marriage practically illegal are religious.  People quote the Bible like there's no tomorrow, because of course the Bible is proof of God's will, even if you don't believe in the same God.  Drives me insane.

Trying my best to get through more Asimov before school.  Hopefully I'll finish Nemesis and even a few short stories.  Man, I've had these books from the library for almost a year.  A YEAR.  If I could only get through the Bible book, I'd be all right.  It's just too thick.


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