mary anne. (rugbybaby) wrote,
mary anne.

cold for california.

I've been a bit of a log since term ended. I don't think I've been this lazy during winter holiday in some time (not counting illness; I'm usually sick right after term ends). Today I had to through out some cookie dough I'd made last week. I might have been able to save it, but honestly, I don't need more cookies around the house, and those ones are especially hard for me to resist.

But some of the guilt of not doing anything comes from school. Right up until Christmas Eve I was feeling guilty for not prepping my upcoming classes, because I knew I could. I couldn't tell you what I did instead. I think the other reason for my slight melancholy is that I'm not reading anything particularly good. I have some library books on my Kindle, so I'm inclined to read those soonest, but ugh they're not great. Not terrible, but not mind-blowing. So I'm not even really eager to read.

So I think starting back up with work will do me good. AND:
-I need to make a service appointment for my Honda Civic;
-I also need to research insurance plans for Bosco (Bosco being the 17-week old pug who is now FULLY VACCINATED;
-OH I also need to call the stock broker about end of the year stuff;
-AND I need to make an appointment at the groomer's for Bosco.
January's going to be a bit lean. I'll probably get out my thank you cards tonight. Tomorrow my mom and I are heading to the mall early for charms, bedsheets, and a last-minute present for a visiting friend. I'm taking her to her work for a bit, and I can probably use that time to start prepping my classes (two of which start the first week of January, aka Right Around the Corner). Oh shoot, I probably need to start that teacherly blog too.

We should get the request for Summer 2016 classes soon. Dexter and I have already discussed potential schedules for me. We're not planning any trips this upcoming summer anyway; after D.C. last summer, we're saving money to see if we can pull Italy in the near future.
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