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I restumbled upon my journal when looking for some old holiday cookie recipes. I'd also received the notification that my paid account (and some icons) had died a quick death. I didn't immediately renew, because why spend the money on something I really don't use anymore?

But whilst researching my recipes, I changed my mind. I've heard journaling can be very good for you, and If no comments are expected, all the better. I'm actually going to be doing a journaling project for one of my schools. I'd read that it had some small pay attached to it (or release time?) but apparently the perk only applies to full-time faculty and staff. You'd better believe my journal will be called some version of ~adjunctly and include a lot of I AM AN ADJUNCT rhetoric.

Should I change my journal name? It's been ten years since I played rugby, and I'm no baby. (Wasn't then either, honestly.) Interestingly, adjunctly is available for purchase, but eh. I'm not my job. BUT the definition for adjunct is "a thing added to something else as a supplementary rather than an essential part", so that could actually be quite nice. That said, I think I'm still attached to this name, in the same way that I keep my paid account and userpics.

Off to bake some things. Typically we have a big family holiday tonight but my side of the family changed things up, and I'm quite happy to instead stay home, bake cookies, and drink mimosas.

Also, we have a pug.

Merry merry.

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