December 18th, 2005

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Ahh, our first good rain. Which means any plans that I had for going out today are gone. I'd rather stay inside and enjoy the sound than make a run for the mall. I know we'll have to walk a few blocks and I'm in no mood to do that today. I'll just bury myself in paperwork and try to translate the 700+ documents I was given on Friday. I also have to make lace cookies today. I was supposed to do that yesterday, but my hands got so sore from all the kneading.

Baking together was helpful, but there were a few moments of awkward silence. Which were usually cut short by sloppy flour kisses and cookie dough snowball fights. I hate to linger on just one little thing, but I can't help it. Just the thought of him not living here anymore... I know we could make it through, it's not like he'd be going that far at all.

Boo to watching Meet Me in St. Louis just at the moment Judy Garland sings "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas". I feel Tooti's pain as she clobbers all her snowmen. And then Tooti and Esther just hold each other crying. There's a way to brighten moods. Mer.