December 12th, 2005

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Where did necro_nerdo  go?  *sad face*


Reason #304 to not live at home: Parents messing with computer.

I don't really mind that much when people use my computer.  As long as they know what they are doing!  The first time I buy something really important and completely on my own.  They didn't do anything, just deleted a story I had been working on.  Thank God I'm not in school and that wasn't a paper for class.

I'm glad I can start staying at Scott's again, now that he's done with all of his big papers.  He won't be here much longer, so I want to spend as much time there as I can.

Hung out with old housemates yesterday.  It was quite fun.  No matter how much they think their living situations have improved, I cherish the memory of when we were living together, and wish it could have been longer.  But I suppose it was long enough.

Random: how do you make icons, because I have images that are too big :(?

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