December 6th, 2005

dorcas is my muse.


Hi!  How's it going?

Let's see.  Haven't done much.  Well, work, of course.  Made lots of cookies.  Good cookies, too.  Even the peanut butter ones, and I don't like peanut butter much in cookies.  MASSIVE Christmas card writing.  I've actually written most of them, but today I was finally able to purchase some more Christmas stamps to send them out.  Sixty should cover me for the moment.  Maybe.

I've seen Harry Potter three times.  Three times last week.  And I really really want to go see it again.  I have no idea why.  I think it's because I dreamed in Harry Potter this week.  Very strange.

Online shopping is the most fuckall awesome horrible thing ever.  I've bought so much it's funny.  Not to my bank account.  I'd buy more but... my paycheck hasn't gone in yet, and I'm a touch worried about that.

I've been working on this letter for Heather FOREVER.  Hopefully I can finish it tonight and send it tomorrow.  Sorry, I've been a horrible friend.

I have to go sit in Volkswagon again for my lunch hour tomorrow.  Did it today and... they forgot to come get me to fix my car.  Assholes.  The song "One Headlight" is great and everything.  Just... not right now.

I found a $30 gift card to Valley Fair.  My aunt gave it to me a long time ago for a birthday, I think.  HUZZAH!  Just in time for holiday shopping!  Wait, that's bad.  That means I have to go to Valley Fair during the holiday season.  I suppose I could drag Scott into going with me, but that's sad.  That's what I did last year with Angel.  Man, it's been a year already?  Where've I been?

I want a scarf.  I have two.  Actually, I have four.  And one of them is pink and long and comes with a matching hat.  But I can't find either scarf nor the hat.  I'm cold and want a big puffy scarf.

I have to decorate my cubicle.  The people on the other side of the building went crazy with decorations.  I need some holiday cheer over here.  Tomorrow.  It'll happen tomorrow.  Christie will come in to work and we'll put up garlands and lights as she tells me about this guy who she likes that might choose the other girl.  But damn him.  We'll see how smart he is.  She's cute, she's normal, she's smart.  She just passed the bar.  Come on.

I'm glad I'm not that cute.  I'm glad people like me for the insane person that I am.  Not that I like you people because you're cute.  You are cute.  But I like you too, past the cuteness.

I have to go home to coax my crazy senile dog into the house.

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