November 8th, 2005

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Day two.  When is lunch?  Though I have had a bit to do.  The hard part is having stuff to do but not knowing how to go through.  For the most part, this is because I haven't been properly trained.  My job is mostly about building maintenance as well as being an administrative assistant.  I've gotten a few requests for building maintenance.  I just can't do anything with them as of yet.  Soon I'll be hooked up to the system and can get started.  For now I just stare at my school email and wait.


Since I have so much free time, I've devoted much of it to looking up the staff and facuty members in the building.  Sounds exciting, doesn't it?


I'm helping my father make some fliers.  There is a homeless man, Cornelius, who sits in front of my father's building with his dog, Boo Boo, every day.  Cornelius and Boo Boo live in a van.  But the van's engine is broken, so not only can Cornelius not get around (how he can with these gas prices is beyond me) but he may also lose the van because he can't move it from where it is parked on the city street.  It's their home.  It makes me so sad.  So my father and I are making a flier to show to others who work in the area who are familiar with Cornelius' and Boo Boo's situation.  I'm hoping the people my father works near can put their money where their mouths are.  Scott and I already contributed a little bit, but when I get my paycheck I'll probably add more.  I also want to get a breadmaking machine (I think it was kneads  who was talking about having one?) so that I can make all kinds of loaves of bread to give away.  Cookies are great and all, but bread is more filling and keeps well with peanut butter.  Shit, except peanut butter makes you thirsty.  Damn.


And, of course, this got me thinking to volunteering.  I really want to contribute more.  I've always wanted to work at the Humane Society, and I almost did once.  I want to be a dog socializer.  It requires working eight hours a month, which I think I can easily pull off, and once the training is over, the schedule is very flexible, so I could do it on weekend afternoons.  I'm not going anywhere for the next eight months, anyway.


And then I feel bad.  Because helping animals is good and everything, but what about helping the members of the human race you belong to?  Why help animals but not the countless number of homeless who are considered a nuisance by some and just totally ignored by the government?  I did look up some soup kitchens in the area and found one where they need volunteers on weekends (my work days are shot timewise, especially since I have to work overtime some evenings).  I can see coming in one weekend morning a week or every other week or every months and bringing breakfast.  Me and my handy dandy breadmaker.  And five dozen chickens.  My parents will call me insane, I'll probably exhaust myself.  But I know when I get home today I will see a picture I can't take my eyes off of.  I won't be able to draw my attention away from Cornelius' eyes and Boo Boo's smiling face.  I have the time now.  I need to do something now.  I don't want to keep putting it off.  My job is not that tough.  People pull off having full-time jobs while being single-parents.  If they are strong enough, so am I.  I am lucky to be where I am today, to have a stellar job and a good position in life.  It's time I gave something, anything, back.

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