October 21st, 2005

dorcas is my muse.


So, I, uh, have a job.


This makes me so happy. I will be high for days. Scott is breaking out the bottles of champagne as we speak.

Yesterday I had an interview with the assistant dean of the law school. She told me she'd get back to me in a week. The manager called me this morning before noon. During my lunch hour I started filling out paperwork with human resources. I am currently staring in belief at a packet labeled "Staff Benefits". Jordan assures me that he will read it drunk in about an hour.

The only downside to this job is that I have to quit the one I have now. Which I feel bad about. My boss has enough to do now with two people short. She gets into bad moods whenever I have an interview. I'm waiting until it's necessary to tell her.

I then had to go out to dinner with my cousin, who was a complete jerk. I understand that he wasn't feeling well. So he should have called it off. Instead we went out. And I didn't expect him to give me congrats. But I didn't think he's be an ass and tell me how much he thinks my position sucks.

I unfortunately have nothing more to add. Especially now when I'm being handed my second glass of bubbly. I'm sorry I haven't commented much. I'm so exhausted when I get home. But I will be relaxing much this weekend. I'll probably finish Eldest. If you've read Eragon, know that Eldest is just as good. And I have a few letters to write. Ahh, I love weekends.
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