September 29th, 2005

dorcas is my muse.

I peek around again.

Well, here I am again!  I hope all is well with all of you.  This is the first chance I’ve really gotten to sit down and get around to this.


First off, Sicily was absolutely fabulous.  I don’t really even know where to begin.  I stayed with my friend Angel.  He has a lovely little flat in a nice area of the city.  He did have to work most days, but he took a couple of days off to spend some time with me, which I greatly appreciated.  We had a wonderful time walking around the city.  I must admit I was a little bit shy about going around practicing my Sicilian.  Sicilians are not fond of outsiders, which usually isn’t a problem.  When you say you are going to Italy, there aren’t many days scheduled in Palermo, that’s for sure.  But I suppose I got along well enough, even without Angel’s help most of the time, and soon I felt comfortable enough to go the streets on my own.  We went to mass every day in beautiful churches with really nice people.  Angel took me everywhere.  We went to the ports where my family left their home to make a new one in America.  We ate out a lot and just had a great time.


From there I went to Pittsburgh.  I have two friends who live in a small apartment a little outside one Oakland, which is really the downtown area.  Minus the humidity, I had a great time.  Scott was there too.  I really learned a lot while I was there.  My friends have a hard life there, and I really feel I learned more there than I could at home.  Marriage, spirituality, panic attacks.  I really can’t think of what else to say.  Except I’m so glad I was there.


I’ve been back home for a few days.  I started work the morning after I came home.  Work has been great, actually.  My coworkers are absolutely lovely.  They are so patient with me, and I’m trying to learn fast.  It’s good work for what I’m making, and I am thoroughly enjoying the employee discount.  I’m so damn tired when I get home, but I’m happy, and that’s really all that’s important.  Or some such thing.


I haven’t heard back from one job.  The other one… is in the works.  But I don’t really want it.  I’d rather have the other one, but beggars can’t be choosers.  I’ll take it if I can.  This job I have now is only temporary.  And I need a staff position.  So I can get tuition hehehe.  We’ll see what happens.


Saw my dear friend vintagefury.  So good to see you.  J


In the short time that I was away, Scott found a new love.  A dog.  A HUGE dog.  A one-year-old half-German Shepard, half-Irish Wolfhound.  Do you know how large those dogs get to be?  And yes, we’re getting one.  I… am speechless.  No matter how much I try to resist, Scott will not listen to reason.  So my weekend is shot.  I’ll be spending the entire time with a new bundle of joy.  My boyfriend is insane.  But then again, I guess that’s why we get along so well.


Hope you all have been stellar.

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